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Hello – and welcome to my website!
Coaching someone is by nature very personal.

What follows is some background information about me and my
path to practicing as Health & Wellbeing  Coach – so you can rest
assured you aremaking the right choice about working with me.
Based in Dorset, South-West England I  conduct my coaching
sessions in-person but also online with clients from across the
Any information you share with me is of course kept strictly

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I was born in Austria 1970 – becoming a true fun-loving Eighties
child! Complete with huge hairdo and matching earrings…:-)

My younger brother and parents still live there.

Fast forward to my 40th Birthday – and my journey of personal
development started. 
I knew my  passion lay in helping others transform their lives –
be, do and have anything they want – and I would find a way to
do this that was just perfect for me. (Hint: I did! :-))

Having studied and educated myself in various
complementary/healing modalities (Emotional Freedom
Technique, Life Coaching,
Equine Healing etc.) my life continued to become more and more
rewarding and fulfilled  and I began coaching other people to

"The Secret" of my coaching success

In 2018 I discovered RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy
– and knew at once that I wanted to train in this method and base my coaching on it.
This method was fuss-free, simple when properly applied
and offered fast results. Perfect. 
I now see clients from all over the world, both online and in-
person. People who have a strong desire to become “free
from their fears”, free from any blocks that prevent them
from achieving the success in life they desire; that prevent
them from enjoying life once more to the full.
RTT has helped me personally in the following ways:
  • Becoming bullet-proof to criticism
  • Sky-rocketing my confidence and daring to live life “my way”
  • Removing anxiety and over-thinking in two areas: my relationship with food and my success in business

What is it you desire? IMAGINE this:

♠ Coping with any situation calmly and effortlessly, free from anxiety and tension!

♠ Overcoming an addiction once and for all, free to live your life without dependency!

♠ Reducing the physical (chronic?) pain that has been accompanying you – perhaps even eliminating it!

♠ Shattering the traumatic memories you are carrying, enjoying life free from the past!

♠ Getting the body you want, job you want, life you want!


Are you ready? There is only one way to find out! Book a free consultation now!

Much love, Christina ♥