Work through and overcome those fearful thoughts and the negative SELF-TALK going through your head once and for all!

I will show you how to transform them into positive thoughts, feelings and self talk; into a positive and motivated yet calm mindset – any qualitie that reflect who you want to be and how you want to lead your life.

What you say to yourself on a daily basis and how this makes you feel determines your life.

This vital skill – the way you talk to yourself – is the key to my client’s success. It is a skill you will master during my coaching – and your life will never be the same again.

My coaching combined with RTT is effective with any issue including but not limited to:

Fear of Public Speaking – Stage Fright – Confidence Issues – Motivation – Lack of Self Worth – Weight or Body Issues – Addictions – Relationship issues – Business / Work Performance Problems – Financial Blocks – Success at interviews or exams – Phobias – Sleep issues – Physical Problems – Pain Management – Burnout – Trauma

Your next steps are explained below. I look forward to hearing from you.


Select one of the services or course offers below and why not follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my YouTube Channel for mindset hacks and tactics to a successful and fulfilled life!

Free From Your Fears Services - please expand to see the full list:
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Let’s talk about what goals you want to achieve, what is currently holding you back. We decide on a coaching plan incl. RTT – a potent starting point that in itself can bring about massive change.

This call usually takes 30 minutes. Assuming we agree to work together I will send you a questionnaire so I can gather more information about your background and what you are looking to achieve during our time together.

This is crucial and where I am asking you to play all out and describe in more detail what you want your life to look like!

Our initial conversation is very relaxed yet confidential – get in

touch with me without obligation via my Contact Page – or

email me directly on

I offer my coaching and recordings in English and German and in person or online via Zoom (which is

as effective as in-person).


Together we will have discussed the best way forward and chosen one or more of the following:

»» RTT Rapid Transformational Therapy Session which will powerfully and rapidly get to the root cause of any issue that is currently holding you back.

»» A Personalised Hypnotic Recording which is using many of the RTT principles is designed to “re-wire” your thoughts away from your issue(s) and toward your desired outcome. It can be supplied as an MP3 or CD.

»» A Personalised Guided Visualisation which acts as a “springboard” for the mind and aims to establish clarity and recognition within you to enable you to find your own solution and pathway towards the life you wish to lead. It can be supplied as an MP3 audio, MP4 Video or CD.

»» Mindset Coaching: “What you think about , you bring about!” Mindset is absolutely crucial when it comes to your success.

Our coaching calls can also double as an accountability tool. You will start asking yourself the right questions and I will help you achieve your goal with mindset exercises and various tools gathered over 10+ years of personal development and coaching work.

Overview of all services and your financial investment:

1-1 online RTT Session $ 350 / £ 260 (subsequent sessions priced by agreement)

(incl. a free initial 30 min phone consultation, a 2-hr transformative RTT session online, 1 x tailored hypnotic recording sent to you, 1 month online follow-up support and a final 30 min coaching call)
Personalised Hypnotic Recording: $ 150 / £ 110

(incl. a free initial 30 min phone consultation, 1 x tailored hypnotic recording sent to you and 1 month online follow-up support)
Personalised Guided Visualisation: $ 150 / £ 110

(incl. a free initial 30 min phone consultation, 1 x tailored guided visualisation sent to you and 1 month online follow-up support)
Speed up your transformation with regular coaching sessions whereby I use several coaching tools incl. hypnotic re-sets:
1 month Mindset Success Coaching : $ 200 / £ 150
3 months Mindset Success Coaching: $ 500 / £ 370

(incl. a weekly 30 mins coaching call via Zoom or phone, relevant exercises and resource material)

NEW! Learn Self Hypnosis with step-by-step instructions!

Do you want to master the art of self-hypnosis? Break through any negative self-talk and turn into a positive, motivated individual? Learn how to make effective communication with your subconscious an essential part of your successful life!
I have published an online course for you on Udemy that is perfect:
The Complete Hypnotherapy Masterclass – Overcome Fear & Anxiety through Self-Hypnosis.

NEW! Listen to a daily Serenity Recording in this online Class!

Do you wish you could start every day with serenity and confidence?
I am running an online class Mon-Thurs for you on The Soul Spa that is perfect:
From Anxiety to Serenity – Start your day successfully – with calmness and confidence
In addition check out all the therapies and special offers The Soul Spa provides to keep mind, body and soul in top condition!