What follows are a few examples of what my clients say. The images are for illustration purposes only and – whilst all my testimonials are 100% genuine – names have been omitted to protect their privacy.


“I smoked on and off for 30 years, plus in the last couple of years I vaped as well. My health was beginning to suffer as I would cough occasionally and started wheezing at night. That’s when I realised I needed to stop.
Following my session with Christina I felt no desire to smoke. I still vape but less and less.
BEST thing – already the wheezing has stopped and the coughing too. No weight gain either – hooray!”



“I have just listened to the recording for the first time, and I wanted to tell you straight away that I genuinely thought it was brilliant.
You took my words and weaved them into a script expertly, and the way you guided me was very professional and perfectly timed.
Having heard a few hypnotic recordings in the past I can say that having one personalised makes all the difference.
Hearing my name throughout and the words that came from me and therefore felt very specific, authentic, real and relevant to my life, made it go deep and helped me to believe it all.”


“Since I often doubt how I come across publicly and often worry in advance about the outcome of a situation, I wanted to get in touch with Christina.
I wanted to change my overall attitude and I also wanted to be more motivated and generally less worried.
To lead a more positive, relaxed and optimistic life so to speak!
  After a few and easy to follow preparations, I had a session with Christina. The session was marked by a pleasant atmosphere.
Following my session, I soon felt calmer and can now say that I am much less worried about things and my mood is much more positive. This  positive development is underpinned by the recording that I have listened to over a longer period of time. “